Digital process auditing expedites audits

The trade journal for quality assurance „QZ“ published an article about digital process auditing (eLPA) developed by the SCIIL AG

Digital Edge 50

Neuwied, Germany – SCIIL as a software service provider realised an innovative digital LPA (eLPA) solution for global operating automotive supplier.

The automotive supplier implemented an App by SCIIL AG for the recording of Layered Process Audits and therewith they save time for planning, monitoring and reporting. The eLPA-App for the performance of audits was specially developed for the usage on mobile devices (like smartphones or tablets) and thus it can be used simply and everywhere.

In 230 production and assembly plants worldwide Adient plc produces automotive seats for all vehicle segments. Therefore quality management, process optimizing as well as digitalization play a major role for the large corporation.

Read the article (only german version available):

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